Sunday, October 02, 2011

Windmills, A Religious Icon?

"These static displays have nothing to do with good economics, jobs, or saving the planet and other such nonsense. They are the follies and monuments of the green religion. The ancient world had its towering statues to the emperors and their gods; the medieval world had its shrines and statues to saints and the Virgin Mary, as well as the most prominent spires that money could buy. The communists have their huge statues and ostentations promoting their cult. These useless wind monstrosities are the necessary images that the proponents of green cult need to make them and others believe that their gods and values are the dominant ones, and making the cult conspicuous. Like the idols of old, they are utterly useless in themselves but keep worshippers captive to an ideology. Hasten the day when our countrymen will wake up and see how they have been fooled and tear these things down, and destroy the foul cult that deluded them." A British Blogger
This was written about the windmill farms cropping up in the U.K. at taxpayer expense, but it's every bit as true here in North America.

If you want to know more, read Kids Before Trees and check back here for frequent updates.

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