Sunday, September 18, 2011

Why The Population Bomb Bombed

Paul Ehrlich & Al Gore claim the Earth can’t endure any more people! But they don’t tell you that India's granaries are full & producers there are applying for food export permits! Dense population isn't hurting Japan, or Hong Kong, or many other lands. China could feed her hungry masses with food grown at home if the communist government would stop screwing things up! China et al suffer because of corrupt governments, not over-population.
This summer European farmers were again dumping food that they couldn't sell, and the U.N. claims that more people suffer from obesity than malnutrition. Our planet can support more life than anyone can imagine, let alone predict, and the obvious truth is in the endless predictions-that-never-come-true of the doom-sayers and fear-mongers.
The mainstay of the fear-mongers is the threat of SUDDEN catastrophe. In fact, IF the population ever starts to stretch resources, it will be a slow and very evident process: resource limitations will be well announced by higher prices and other market indicators.  Fear-mongers, like Gore & Ehrlich, get rich while schools close & kids are turned out into the street. Whole nations are being suckered & manipulated by the Ehrlich's of the world; European & American governments scramble to reduce CO2 emissions while their debts threaten to throw the whole world into a global depression. We are paying the higher taxes, gasoline prices & electricity bills that pay for the windmills & solar panels that make a few “environmentalists” rich & throw national economies into turmoil! Don't throw away your children's and grandchildren's futures through fear of what MIGHT happen a thousand years from now. That's the story of Chicken Little.
If you want to know more, read Kids Before Trees and check back here for frequent updates.


  1. Why should I subsidize the oil and gas industry but not clean energy?

    Nicely unsourced list of claims there. Got any links?

  2. So called “clean energy” will not live up to the claims made for it. Bio-fuels and hydrogen fuel cells increase fossil fuel consumption & windmills don’t shutdown power plants. I have lots of references, you can download Kids Before Trees free (coupon VS85D) at Smashwords.

  3. @anonymous I see you didn't vote for higher taxes & power bills to pay for windmills? That's a little too close to home, eh! You should read Kids Before Trees, you might find new information that could change your opinion about a lot of things.