Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Why Occupy Wall St When Government Debt Is The Problem?

National governments in Europe and North America have spent money that they don't have. They are creating debt by over-spending. If you or I over-spend we end up with bank loans & credit card debt. Government debt isn't quite so easy to categorize but the consequences for tax-payers are similar to those our families would face: there's fewer goodies, less to go around, everyone has to work harder & gets less from it.
The people of Greece lived it up on a 4 day work week with free government-everything but they're paying the price now. They are complaining bitterly about the harsh cutbacks but the alternative is bankruptcy. The whole European Economic Community is in trouble & it seems like we in Canada & the U.S. are in a hurry to charge down the same blind alley.
False environmentalism is one of the biggest cash drains & yields no real environmental benefits. Meanwhile people are out of work (a situation that will get much worse as gov't debt grows), jails are filling up as crime rises, education & health care suffer, & people in real need are left to fend for themselves so we can build more windmills! Download Kids Before Trees free to get an in-depth look at the cost of rampant environmental terrorism. You can get it at Use coupon code RV47G.

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