Sunday, April 15, 2012

More Stupid Laws

The California Air Resources Board has done some dumb things in the past, but this time they've outshone even their own pace-setting idiocy. They have passed a law that requires 12% of new vehicles produced and delivered for sale in California in 2012 be low emission vehicles!! Nothing is said about who is going to buy them, mind you, or what the manufacturers will do with them when nobody does buy them; only that the manufacturers produce them.

The fact that less than 1% of vehicles sold in California today are low emission vehicles seems lost on these self-aggrandized dictatorial bureaucrats. These lost-in-their-own-fantasyland pencil pushers don't seem to understand the meaning of "consumer demand", or in this case lack of it. No one outside of a few egotistical movie stars wants these cars. Someone should explain the old wisdom, "you can lead a horse to water but you can't make it drink" to them.

What will the California Air Resources Board do when people don't buy the cars the California Air Resources Board wants them to? What will they do to the manufacturers who will lose millions of dollars conforming to their lunatic legislation? Will they punish the people too? Well, in reality they already are, because these millions of dollars will come from government grants (taxpayers dollars) and higher prices for conventional vehicles. This is worse than communism!!

Aside from the loss of freedom that every American faces through this legislation, one of the scariest-although not unexpected-facts is that the legislation won't actually reduce overall emissions! This law won't achieve the goals it is meant to because the legislators can't see through the false science that has been foisted on them but the eco-terrorists.

That's right, bio-fuels and hydrogen fuel cells use more hydrocarbons, not less, than conventional gasoline and diesel engines. Electric cars get their power from, guess where, coal fired power plants. As with all government legislated economic plans, this one misses the boat completely, failing to achieve it's stated goals and causing unending economic harm to the people it purports to help. It is sad to see a giant die: America was once the bastion of liberty and free enterprise, the economic power house of the world, but she is dying a pitiful death. You might want to turn away from her, but turn your eyes on your own nation, and make your voice heard before we suffer the same fate.

If you want to know more, read Kids Before Trees and check back here for frequent updates.

Saturday, April 07, 2012

Ethanol, Whether You Want it Or Not, You Will Pay For It!

Bio-fuels are in the news again. Here are two concrete facts that disprove the ethanol claims;

1) If ethanol yielded more energy than is required to produce it, everyone would be doing it & getting rich in the process. Obviously if one BTU of  energy produced ethanol with two BTU of energy, the chain reaction would see the world swimming in cheap energy before you could say Barack Obama 3 times. Even if the increase was very small, the end result would be the same.

2) Ethanol usage is forced on us and production is subsidized by governments all over the world. If ethanol is cheaper than gasoline, why does it have to be subsidized & why are laws required to force us to use it? You can see that if ethanol production was really competitive with gasoline, production plants would be springing up all over the place. In fact, oil producers PAY taxes and ethanol producers RECEIVE tax dollars.

Using common sense is a far more effective way to gauge the world than relying on every self-serving "scientific study" that rolls across the landscape.

If you want to know more, read Kids Before Trees and check back here for frequent updates.