Thursday, December 08, 2011

A Christmas Story

Every rasping, gravelly breath she struggles through chills the dejected onlookers to the bone. Maria’s tiny chest heaves mightily to gasp each wisp of life-giving air. Wide eyed and trusting, she searches her mother’s tear stained face for some sign, some reason why she has to suffer so, knowing mommy will make it better soon.

But mommy can’t make it better: mommy doesn’t have the money to buy the medicine that her baby needs. And so finally, almost mercifully, the rasping stops and silence fills the room. The tiny voice is silenced, her little glassy eyes closed forever, all hope extinguished.

On the other side of the world, mother buckles little Angie into the child’s car seat in the back of her Prius. They’re on their way to the doctor’s office; mom is a little concerned with Angie’s sniffles. She’s in a hurry, everyone is coming over Sunday for Christmas turkey, and she still has to pack for their winter getaway. They’ll be spending this New Year’s Eve in a tropical paradise! On their way to the new medical clinic they pass the construction site where all the new windmills are going up.

From high on a Cross, another tear stained face looks down on His brothers’ and sisters’ daily struggles. He lived and died for justice, but is justice what He sees? Billions and billion of dollars are wasted on false environmentalism while kids suffer and starve in our own back yards. Fight back against false environmentalism; save a kid today.

Kids Before Trees.

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