Friday, March 01, 2013

The Power of Persuasion

The faux-scientists are at it again! They would like you to believe that the power consumed by 1 computer multiplied by the number of computers will indicate the total power that could be saved by turning off all the computers. At first glance that seems logical, but on closer inspection we see that it's not that simple, and not at all true.

An average North American home has an electrical service rating of about 22,000 watts (220 volts, 100 amps). A computer in sleep mode that is using 2.5 watts is using about 0.01% of the service rating of the home. The typical voltage regulation range of each transformer in the electrical distribution system is 5%-10%, so the equipment supplying the power to your home is not even able to measure the tiny change in current draw or voltage associated with your computer. Since the change in power is too small to measure, the generating equipment does NOT cut back and emissions are NOT reduced.

This holds true regardless of the number of homes considered, because it is based on a percentage of power supplied and used. Even if you look at a million home computers, the power used is still only about 0.01% of the power supplied, and the range of control of the electrical distribution equipment is still 5%-10%.

Don't believe everything you hear, check out the truth of this for yourself. Then start checking the things that we're told by the news media and environmental lobby groups that are making billions of dollars off of you and I and every other tax payer and consumer. You may be very surprised at what you find. To learn more, read Kids Before Trees, get it online at or any e-book store.

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