Friday, October 11, 2013

Energy CEOs call for end to renewable subsidies | EurActiv

Energy CEOs call for end to renewable subsidies | EurActiv

This article recently ran in Europe. It basically proves what many people have been predicting for a long time; the government policies aimed at replacing conventional power generation with wind and solar generation have resulted in very high costs with no significant reduction in emissions.

The simple fact is that if the conventional generators are shutdown there will be no source of electrical power to consumers (you, your family, your neighbours, your employer, your grocery store etc) when the sun isn't shining or the wind isn't blowing. When the sun is shining and the wind is blowing there is more power being supplied than required, which drives the price earned by conventional generators down below they cost of production, but if they shutdown there will be insufficient power when the wind and solar supplies drop. Conventional power plants don't start up instantaneously: when the wind stops the conventional plants have to be on line in order to pick up the extra load quickly or the grid will become unstable and power outages will result. Conventional generators are thus left with two options, operate at a loss or shut down generators and let the grid crash every time the wind stops.

If the conventional producers operate at a loss they will go out of business, like any business must. If the EU policies are designed to drive conventional power suppliers out of business they are well on their way to succeeding, but the unintended consequence is that the electrical power supply will become unreliable and there will be frequent, prolonged blackouts.

YOU are subsidizing the wind and solar generators, which provide intermittent power to the grid, with your taxes and utility bills. You're paying higher taxes and utility bills and emissions aren't reduced because the conventional plants are still on line. If the conventional generators are driven out of business emissions will be reduced but the power supply will be unreliable, with  frequent blackouts. This is exactly the scenario that was predicted by many qualified people when these policies were first introduced. Unfortunately, the media only told us one side of the story, and our environmental zeal has once again led us to spend billions without any appreciable environmental benefit.

If you seriously desire reduced emissions, check unbiased sources (i.e. not environmentalist) to see how much emissions have actually been reduced with the advent of all this wind and solar power. I think you will be surprised and disappointed in the results, which are far below the promises made to you. Then ask yourself if it's worth paying higher taxes and utility bills for this insignificant reduction in emissions.

If you want to know more, read Kids Before Trees and check back here for frequent updates.

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