Saturday, January 26, 2013

This is a note I sent to an environmentalist.
Mr. Tarbuck, your zeal and conscience are commendable. But, the Earth is actually in damn good shape, things aren't nearly as bad as some would have us believe. Likewise, the human populace in general has never been more prosperous or peaceful. Yes, we still have problems, but throughout human history things have never been better, and we can be proud of that.
Yet, many innocents still suffer unnecessarily. Saddest is the plight of innocent children who lack basic nutrition, medicine and education. Even worse is the plight of the hundreds of thousands who are exploited and abused. These kids need our help, and just a few crumbs from the trillions of dollars we waste on CO2 reductions could save millions of these poor waifs. I pray you start to count the blessings we have, and channel your moral outrage to help these kids who cannot help themselves.
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