Tuesday, July 03, 2012

In a recent article in The Guardian, George Monbiot admits the Peak Oil theory is WRONG. The Peak-Oil theory was based on either ignorance or lies. Hubbert simply divided 'proved reserves' by annual consumption, but he didn't tell you that 'proved reserves' are just a small fraction of the oil in the ground. In fact, 'proved reserves', production and consumption are all higher than they've ever been, and new technology and new discoveries continue to bring more and more oil into production; you can confirm this easily on the U.S. Dept of Energy website or any other credible source. This has been known for 30 years, yet fools like GM continue to spout the "Peak Oil" drivel. If oil supplies ever do start to shrink and are unable to meet demand, the price will rise and other forms of energy will become more competitive and oil will slowly be replaced. If oil dies it will go down with a whimper, not a bang, and there won't be any crisis at all. You can read the full story of "Peak Oil" in Kids Before Trees, an e-book available at

So the enviro-terrorists are finally forced to acknowledge the falsity of "Peak Oil", but they can still manage to spin that to their advantage. Now they claim that we have TOO MUCH oil, and Global Warming will kill us all!! The AGW theory is just as flawed and just as false as "Peak Oil", but we waste billions of dollars fighting it while millions of kids go without food, shelter, medical care and education. In the last 30 years not one person has died from "global warming", but millions of children have been abused, sold, enslaved and died. Don't we seem to have our priorities wrong? Please read Kids Before Trees, get a free copy with coupon code PA46E at

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