Saturday, August 20, 2011

Looming Recession

Look out, here we go again! The stock market is crashing, the world’s economy is reeling under a debt crisis and a global recession is threatening to undo the meager recovery we’ve made in the last few years. Thousands of families have lost their homes, their jobs and their savings, and now they’ll have to make do with even less. They are the real victims of global warming.

How can they be victims of global warming, you ask! The answer is simple: we’ve spent so much time and money battling the imaginary foe known as global warming that we’ve lost track of what really matters. The planet is not warming; in fact it’s cooling. There is no legitimate scientific data to indicate a direct relationship between CO2 and global temperatures. The infamous and thoroughly debunked “hockey stick”, the graph that was supposed to show temperatures rising in step with CO2 levels, was fabricated by unscrupulous scientists. They selected and used only the temperature data that showed the results they wanted. Read more at:

People and legitimate environmental issues suffer because cash strapped governments have nothing left to offer them. Every dollar that’s spent fighting global warming is a dollar that’s taken from you, through higher taxes and higher prices.

The destitute, the sick and the poor are the real losers in the stampede of false science and sensationalist headlines. Children are being tossed into the streets as underfunded schools close. Fanatical environmentalists force governments to spend your tax dollars on windmills when jobs are what we need. It's time to fight back!

If you want to know more, read Kids Before Trees  and check back here for frequent updates.

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  1. According to Mr. Kneeland, "...all dollars come from the people. Where do [you] think Coca-Cola gets the money to pay its taxes, Exxon gets its money to pay the Exxon Valdez fines, Denny's gets the money to pay its Justice Department fines, or even Microsoft gets the money to defend itself? It all ultimately can come from only one place, and that's from individuals."

    ED: When you buy a product, the price of that product has to cover ALL the costs to get that product to you.

    "A politician cannot spend one dime on any spending project without first taking that dime from the person who earned it. So, when a politician votes for a spending bill he is saying that he believes the government should spend that particular dollar rather than the individual who worked for it." Neal Boortz.